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Rigel life sciences

RIGEL Life Sciences is a reliable partner when excellence is the only acceptable outcome. Specialising in managing, monitoring, and confirming contamination levels in a clean environment, RIGEL offers integrated environmental monitoring systems (IEMS), particle counters, microbial identification systems, and more.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

The brands Nunc, Nalgene, Samco, and Abgene offer high-quality laboratory plastics, filtration equipment, consumables for in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), and sampling and transport equipment. The globally renowned brands Finnpipette and MBP (MolecularBioProducts) provide reliable and precise liquid handling solutions and consumables. General use laboratory equipment and pH meters for a range of applications complement the ThermoFisherScientific product range.

Hermle Labortechnik

HERMLE produces centrifuges for medical, research, and industrial applications that are widely used in laboratories around the globe. These centrifuges are efficient, versatile, and easy to use. A wide range of rotors and centrifuge accessories is available for all models.


Corning produces high-quality products that facilitate laboratory work. The focus is on high-quality laboratory plastics (Corning, Falcon, Axygen), offering a range of general use plastics and specialised products for specific applications, such as 3D cell culture or in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). In addition to laboratory plastics, Corning provides media, supplements, growth factors and other cell culture (Cellgro) essentials, as well as laboratory equipment.


Cytion upholds its reputation as a trusted cell bank. They specialize in high-quality, contamination-free cells from humans and animals, ensuring rigorous quality control and authentication. Renowned for reliability, their cell lines are the go-to choice for researchers needing genetically authentic samples. With Cytion, experience ease and confidence in sourcing authentic cell culture solutions.


Metabion dedicates the utmost attention to its manufacturing processes to ensure its products and services fully meet the customer expectations and requirements. The extensive range of custom-made products includes a full spectrum of oligonucleotides, qPCR probes, LightCycler® probes, nGS oligonucleotides, labelled oligonucleotides, and more.

Macherey- Nagel

Macherey-Nagel represents top quality, innovation, and reliability in biomolecular and chemical analyses. MN offers a comprehensive range of bioanalytical products for the purification of DNA, RNA, and protein used in the world’s top laboratories. The Bioanalysis programme ensures result repeatability, customised innovative products, and successful follow-up analyses based on high purity and maximum yield.


Uvitec specialises in manufacturing systems for the visualisation and analysis of gels and blots. It is one of the leading producers of imaging equipment for demanding applications in molecular biology, including chemiluminescence and spectral fluorescence. Visualisation devices exhibit exceptional sensitivity, resolution, and other performance characteristics, thanks to continuous advancements in camera technology, optical systems, and the integration of hardware/software solutions.

The new models are designed with “plug-n-play” technology, allowing users to configure devices to fit their needs and upgrade them at any time.


Takara offers biotechnological products and services in the fields of cellular and molecular biology. Key products include RT-PCR, qPCR, and PCR products, cell culture media, next-generation sequencing (NGS) products, and gene-editing tools. Takara includes the Takara, Clontech, and Cellartis brands.


Promega products are used in fundamental science for researching biological processes, in applied science for drug discovery, in diagnostics, and in DNA forensics for human identification. Gene Team, a subsidiary of Gorea Plus, is the exclusive distributor of Promega in the Republic of Croatia.

BD Biosciences

BD Biosciences is the leading manufacturer of cell sorters and flow cytometers. It produces reagents such as monoclonal antibodies, ELISA kits, CBA kits, dyes, and viability assays for surface and intracellular staining. BDB solutions are applied in science, pharmaceutical research, and clinical diagnostics.


Capricorn Scientific manufactures media, reagents, and supplements for cell culture, and reliable and high-quality sera (FBS and other animal sera). All products are manufactured and tested to ensure reproducibility and provide optimal conditions for cell growth.


Based in the Czech Republic, the BioVendor group develops, produces, and distributes products for immunodiagnostics and molecular diagnostics. Gorea Plus focuses on distributing products from the FastGEN line, an innovative technology for detecting mutations of oncological markers in samples based on ultra-deep sequencing of short amplicons after a single PCR reaction with specially labelled hybrid primers.

FastGEN technology is fast, simple, sensitive, and successful, making it perfectly tailored for diagnostics. We also offer the accompanying GENOVESA software with the FastGEN module, providing a comprehensive solution for the analysis of raw data, with technical and application support.


ABCAM is a leading manufacturer of antibodies, proteins, and reagents with a broad range of applications, including drug testing and research, diagnostics, and basic research. Key products include primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, ELISA kits, assays, and proteins. Special products include specific rabbit monoclonal antibodies (RabMAb), rapid SimpleStep ELISA kits, “carrier-free” formulations of primary antibodies, and knock-out validated antibodies (KO validated).

Axion BioSystems

Axion BioSystems provides solutions for cell visualisation directly in the incubator and for monitoring the kinetics of cell growth or death. The technology is designed for real-time monitoring of live cells with the help of intuitive software.

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Cole-Parmer scientific experts

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