Rock the Science of 3D

Create in vivo-like functionality with optimized 3D cell culture models

Whether you’re just getting started in 3D cell culture, looking for proven ways to scale up, or moving to high throughput screening, Corning can help you break through the barriers to creating more in vivo-like environments and predictive models. Quickly and efficiently.

For more than 25 years, Corning has delivered innovations that have advanced the science of 3D cell culture. We pioneered the development of novel tools providing easier access to in vivo-like 3D models, such as Corning Matrigel® matrix and Transwell® permeable supports. And we continue to support you with a diverse and evolving portfolio of innovative 3D cell culture products, like the Corning spheroid microplate, as well as workflow solutions, protocols, and expertise.

Corning is committed to working with you in critical areas like cancer biology, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine – to help you bring safe, effective drugs and therapies to market in less time with greater certainty.

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